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In this cyberpunk, film noir, dystopian sci-fi adventure, you play as Tex Murphy, a typical 1940's gumshoe detective. Except, it's the 2050's. A post apocalyptic world has risen from the ashes of World War III and stands divided. New San Francisco sits atop the rubble of the old city. It's a city of glitz and glamour hiding a sinister undertone: a population segregated between those immune to the nuclear fallout (Norms) and those less fortunate (Mutants). Just outside the new city lies Old San Francisco, a vastly ignored reminder of a dark past, and home to the mutant population, and Tex himself.

In this latest adventure, the year is 2050. Shortly after the events of Tesla Effect (the 2014 adventure title) Tex Murphy (Chris Jones), with the guidance of St. Germaine (Jason Tatom), must revisit some of his most gripping cases in order to decipher his true past, and prepare him for an uncertain future. - OFFICIAL WEBSITE

I loved Tesla Effect and I happy to see an incoming sequel! Bit sad to read that it'll be the last one though.
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