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As stated by DynV "I consider Cyberpunk to be a possible future or a reality that could have been in our real world ; not on another planet, without magic, aliens, etc. I consider the rest, still related to the main theme of Cyberpunk, but with the surrealist aspects, to be Cyberfiction."
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[Pinned] Deus Ex Apparatus (God out of Machine) Philosphy Behind DE

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has many influences; Cyberpunk from Blade Runner, intellectual concepts from philosopher Michel Foucault, and conspiracy theories ranging from The Illuminati, Area 51 and the Knights of Templar.The Illuminati a word meani...
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Deus Ex: Hard Line, a mini comic and a mini artbook

The Official Deus Ex Twitter Account just tweeted out a link to the DE Books in a free download! LINKThe Tweet can be found HERE
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Cyberpunk Comics General Info

If there is a series of cyberpunk comics you want to talk about feel free to start a thread in our CDC University setor. If you want to talk about general information, ask questions, or post news posts about multiple comics like the link below do ...
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Get a Sneak Peek of Archangel, the New Comic Book by Cyberpunk Author William Gibson
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