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CDC's Deus Ex Mankind Divided No Spoiler Review

Falconer084 / Aug 28, 2016
Back when Eidos Montreal was creating Human Revolution they did not have the technology made famous by the Mass Effect series to transfer your you saves to the next game. Because of this all the endings of Human Revolution were combined to help make the backstory for Mankind Divided. With a plan to change this for the next games planned, Mankind Divided tracks you decisions so your choices from the game matter. Keep your ending save to transfer to the next one!

Mankind Divided is made up of two games Story that continues on the tale from Human Revolution, Jensen’s Stories (do not play until after Story), and Breach a game mode new to the series.

First up Story: Story starts a couple of years after Human Revolution back behind the shades of the character Adam Jensen. If you played Human Revolution you have a good basis of what to expect though this time around it is more refined with a lot more options. If you haven’t played it here is the lowdown. You are an augmented person with the ability to upgrade yourself with Praxis Kits. Each upgrade enables you to preform feats that us normal can’t like seeing through walls, extra strength, and so on. You can upgrade Adam the way you want to play whether it be a stealthy, Talkative, or Rambo esc tank character, or a mixture.

Mankind Divided now has a lot more Augs to play around with too that also plays into a mysterious story arc that shall not be mention due to spoilers. Unlike most games of the last generation conversations have fully what you are going to say which is excellent as in Fallout 4 and Mass Effect you’re sometimes thinking “wait I didn’t mean that!”

Some of the decisions in the game a tough and morally grey which is great for multiple play throughs. I’ve played through twice and discovered new stories and missions each time. A new addition to the series is the much requested New Game Plus that carries over everything not story related to your next game if you want it. However this can’t be used for the hardest mode (I didn’t Ask For This) to keep it challenging!

Graphics have improved over Human Revolution and the main hub now features daylight as well as night for the first time in the series.
If you haven’t played Human Revolution I highly suggest that you do, but if you aren’t for some reason then the game comes with a video explaining the fist ones story and there is a quick catch-up at the start of story mode.

Sound is good but I suggest that you turn the music down to at least halfway before starting as it can drown out voices.

Jensen’s Stories is so far a one level DLC that came with pre-ordered games and contains spoilers for Story mode as it is set after the main game.

Breach is a new mode where you play yourself as a sort of 3D VR hacker known as a Ripper. This can be played in regular gaming on TV or VR. The game proceeds through a series of nodes that act as challenges or rewards, sometimes you can enter the Dark Net and go on special story missions for clients via text messages. You can also talk to other NPC Rippers. Each Node has a score and a time so that you can compare how good you are to your friends or on a Local or world level.

Breaches graphics are downgraded from the main story modes, but this is to reflect that you are not in the real world but a 3D hacking space.

All in all this game is highly recommended for Cyberpunk fans and a good intro to the genre and series of others. Even if I do recommend playing Human Revolution first.


By Falconer084


Better than the original Deus Ex?
Hard question..
And what about the issue with the in-game store where you spend real money to buy praxis kits and credits?
They are cheat items. Completely unneeded.
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