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My thoughts on: Touching friends, lovers and the dead with virtual reality - & the Teslasuit

Falconer084 / Jun 16, 2017
Touching friends, lovers and the dead with virtual reality

This is both amazing and sad. I would love to see my Dad again, but if I did in VR I wouldn't want to leave because I know he is gone. It could be very depressing. I think that it would be way more powerful experience than to hold a photograph especially if they can hake it that to can feel the virtual reality reality world rather than experience it through a head set and controls.

As a 360 interactive video phone it will be revolutionary. Scary for someone like me with social anxiety disorder, but for you 'normals' it would be incredible, and think of the possibilities for long distance relationships!

In the further future what comes after the Teslasuit could also have problems like what legal ramifications there would be if someone placed another person into a VR like this and they didn't know that they were in one. Could there be Virtual sexual assault? Hopefully they can work out safety features for when the future is now.

The pic above is of the Teslasuit.

"The world’s first full-body haptic feedback, motion capture, thermo controlled suit. Enjoy incredible real world sensations as never before." -

It is an exciting future & I can't wait to see where this takes us!


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